The Piano Project: Week 4

#ECI831, Major Learning Project

Sometimes, life doesn’t always go as planned. It can be beautiful one minute, and heartbreaking the next. This week, I received news that a friend of mine passed away. When something like that happens, it makes a piano project seem trivial. It seems to put everything else into perspective and makes everyday tasks seem small. It felt out of place to make a vlog this week detailing the piano notes I learned to read, or the major scales I learned to play. When something tragic happens, all you can really do is reflect, mourn, and feel.

Have you every been there?

This week, instead of making a vlog, I thought I would give myself permission to grieve the loss of a friend. Instead of going through the motions and pretending everything was okay, I wanted to be honest with what I went though this week. In light of the circumstances, I will postpone the goals for my piano project until next week. When death happens, the small things stop… and that’s okay.

I hope this reminds us all to take a step back, hug the ones we love, and when we face tragedy of any kind, may we all give ourselves permission to reflect, mourn, and feel too.

9 thoughts on “The Piano Project: Week 4

  1. Amanda,
    I am so sorry for your loss. We often rush through the days, checking off things on our lists without really cherishing every moment with those special people around us. You and your friend are in my prayers.
    Thinking of you,


  2. Amanda,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I think that you are wise to take a time out from the every day tasks (which yes, in the perspective of life do seem quite trivial – I completely agree) and focus on what you need.
    Big picture, the time you take now to be with yourself and the people you need during this difficult time will always outweigh any project or responsibility you feel you have to others. Continue to remind yourself of this choice and know that this break is important. Thinking of you!


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