The Piano Project: The Big Finale

#ECI831, Major Learning Project

We made it! Nine weeks of learning, struggling, progressing, succeeding, and growing. It’s hard to believe how challenging, yet rewarding, it was to focus on a learning project as an adult. Setting time aside each week to work on something that I wouldn’t normally have time for was an enriching experience. Who knew that learning and playing the piano would be so fulfilling for me. I am grateful for what I learned and gained through this Major Learning Project, along with the inspiration that my #eci831 classmates gave me along the way.

In order to look back on my experience, I made a video to document the process with clips from each week. Don’t forget to watch until the end so that you can see my final piano piece. You can also watch my whole piano project with my previous vlogs from my Youtube Playlist or you can click the links below to read my posts. In the meantime, take a look at my final vlog from my piano project!

In honour of my final post, I thought I would reflect back on my piano project journey with the victories and challenges and also look forward to my future goals.

The Small Victories:

  • I was able to collaborate with Brad by playing the piano chords and adding vocals for I Want to Hold Your Hand. He made an awesome collaboration video for his final project!
  • I made great connections with other piano players who taught me a lot about the instrument.
  • I loved learning piano because it was a creative outlet for me!

The Challenges:

  • It was challenging to set time aside each week to learn the instrument when life gets busy.
  • It took a lot of time to not only learn my piano goals, but also edit videos each week to visually display my learning.
  • I wanted the learning process to go faster at times and felt discouraged when I didn’t attain my goals as quickly as I wanted! I learned the importance of having grace for myself and understanding that success can be messy.

Future Goals

  • I want to keep playing piano as often as I can so that I don’t forget the skills that I’ve learned.
  • I want to play for enjoyment and continue to use this instrument as a creative outlet!

Thanks for following along with me as I journeyed through my piano project. It was a “noteworthy” journey indeed!


5 thoughts on “The Piano Project: The Big Finale

  1. I loved watching your progress in the video- both your vlogging and playing! I hope you keep playing for enjoyment šŸ™‚


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