The Quest for the Summary of Knowledge: An #ECI833 Adventure


It’s hard to believe that we are at the end of another semester. Throughout this course, I have gained so much knowledge about the history and foundations of Educational Technology. Not only that, but I have also benefited from building a community with others who are passionate about EdTech. I have made great connections with my #ECI833 classmates over the semester, which has added so much value and meaning to the course.

One of the connections that I made early on in my Master’s journey was with my classmate, Catherine. We worked together during my first year of teaching and then re-connected during my first EdTech class. Coincidently, at the start of this semester, Catherine and I started working together at the online school in our division. Throughout this semester, we have had a lot of great conversations about EdTech and online learning. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to collaborate on our Summary of Learning together!

This Summary of Learning project was a blast! We had so much fun creating and collaborating and also learned a lot in the process. Here is a break down of how we created our project:

1. We wanted to think outside of the box, so we brainstormed a creative story to summarize our learning. We sent Snapchat videos back and forth whenever we had an idea for our project. Once we had a theme, we created a shared Google Doc to organize our ideas.

2. We both had experience with WeVideo, so we decided to use it as our video editing platform. I thought I knew a lot about WeVideo before we started our Summary of Learning, but I gained even more experience and knowledge throughout this process.

3. All of our video footage was filmed in front of the green screen. This allowed us to use any type of background we wanted! Every time we filmed, we were intentional about wearing our masks and keeping our distance. Catherine says in her blog post, “We were very mindful of recording safely in person. We wore masks and if scenes included both of us, we recorded the scene separately and then edited the clips together. This is very easy to do when you are using a green screen background.”

4. When we finished our filming, we took turns editing the video. Originally we wanted to use the Collaboration feature on WeVideo, however, this feature didn’t include the crop tool. Instead, we used FaceTime and Zoom to work together virtually on the editing. We both had so much fun on this project… it honestly didn’t feel like work!

This semester was so rewarding. I am so thankful for everything I learned from my classmates each week and I know the learning will continue! Thank you for joining me on this EC&I 833 adventure. I hope you enjoy our Summary of Learning… “The Quest for the Summary of Knowledge.”


7 thoughts on “The Quest for the Summary of Knowledge: An #ECI833 Adventure

  1. Amanda, this was fantastic!!!! Love the music! I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings. Thanks for sharing all the green screen experiences. It has inspired me to try it out with my students. We have even bought a whole setup for our school, and can’t wait to get started with our students. Such a great summary of all the learning from this class. Love all the tips you summed up in your video. I totally agree that true online learning is more than the emergency bandaid we have been doing with the onset of COVID-19. Well done! Such an awesome video.


    1. Thank you for watching Tammy! It was so much fun to create 🙂 If you ever need any help or advice with using a green screen or doing video editing, just let me know. Thanks for a great semester!


  2. Loved this!!! You guys found such a creative way of putting it all together. And to end with the power of community…so great! Thanks so much for this very entertaining and educational video. So well put together! I appreciated the how you put together a story, while including some of the most important take-aways from the class.


  3. Absolutely loved what the two of you made here. Your passion is infectious. Good luck with all your endeavours in the future edtech and otherwise. I hope we can maybe interview each other for a podcast down the road too. It was great to be on this adventure with you and I look forward to staying in touch and continuing to share and learn together.


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