Contemporary Issues in Educational Technology: Summary of Learning


It’s hard to believe that another semester has come and gone. This has truly been one of the most challenging, yet inspiring classes I have been a part of. I never expected to grow and learn so much in just a month and a half. Debating contemporary issues in education is something that every educator should take part in because it allows you to see issues from all points of views and widen your perspective. If you would like to go back to the beginning and read my reflection of each debate, you can click the links below:

  1. What’s Your App Count?
  2. The Big Debate: Does Technology Enhance Learning?
  3. The Deeper Meaning Behind the Digital Divide
  4. Not What we Are Learning, But How: A Look Into Inquiry-Based Learning
  5. Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?
  6. Cellphones in the Classroom: The Controversy Continues
  7. Is it Fair to Share?
  8. Nothing Good Comes From Being Neutral

Like I say in my Summary of Learning video, I am so grateful for everything I learned during this semester. I feel impacted by each one of you in my class… whether it was through your stories, your perspectives, your humour, your blog posts, your tweets, or your encouragement. Thank you for being a part of my #edtech journey and for pushing me to be a better educator so that collectively, we can make a difference in the lives of others and in our world.